Soooo... Is it time to rename the master branch to something like "main"?

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    I call it my rapist branch, and all feature branches are named like victim-584-*. Sometimes there's a little merge conflict, but nothing a little chloroform and some force doesn't resolve.
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    It's especially bad because, you know, "git reflog" is secretly supposed to be pronounced "re-flog", as in flogging or whipping somebody. Everyone knows slaves were whipped!

    It's clearly a dogwhistle for rascists.
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    Nope, we can’t rename this master because there is no slave
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    As a potato I find the term "branch" offensive. Please change terminology to be more inclusive of other types of vegetation.
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    I'm not racist at all, but I'll name mine as white/black.

    Edit: I hesitate to turn this comment into a rant, to eat some popcorn while reading fools debating
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