Is it usual in your university that students don't come to classes for no reason?
Or just seeking for a chance to cancel the class?
Or I'm just the only one who can't wait for learning new things?

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    It depends a lot on the students and the professor.
    I remember I had a Databases class back at University of Alberta where the classes were just painful.
    It got to the point where I decided to stay in the dorms and study for myself (after explaining the situation to the professor, of course).
    Same stuff happened back in Brazil.
    But here we have a tolerance. You just need to be present in 75% of the classes. So people just take a day or two off some times.
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    Sounds like something someone would say in September. You just wait!
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    depends. If I was too tired, so that i would fall asleep during class, I would stay home and sleep. sleeping in class was disrespectfull for everyone in it.
    Or, in case the teacher sucked big time, I would go do something productive.
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    I don't learn anything new in university or college. I'm good at home Learning myself..
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    It depends, there was one class which was Unity3D, taught by a designer. For us programmers the classes where boring and they where from22:00 to 24:00 (if we were lucky, otherwise an hour delayed). The class was on friday and it was the only class we had on Friday.

    You can imagine the turnout being two people who lived next to the school. The rest had to travel at least two hours and made it an early weekend.
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    @retard me too
    But I belive masters know sth that I don't
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    Back when I studied (which was when some ranters here were not yet even the lustful glance in their parents' eyes), I dropped lectures that just sucked, got me the books and learnt by myself. It didn't matter how I acquired the knowledge as long as I did.
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