Why Java?

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    Cus PlAtfORm iNDepEnDEncE. Right after you installed a fuckton of shit :)
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    @nitwhiz ok so what about Node? OCaml? Erlang Beam? Or any programming language which produces bytecode? Or (why not) interpreted languages like Python, Ruby?
    Seriously, I can't find a single reason to use Java 😱
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    To preserve business relationships with Oracle's sales people.
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    Because It's what got me a brilliant apprenticeship.

    Like critical banking company apprenticeship.
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    Because it's established and not shit.
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    @BigBoo not shit? I personally think that is the worst programming language to write in 2018.
    It had sense in 90's, but now I can't find a single reason to use it (except for mantaining old legacy code).
    Slow. Verbose. Broken. Ugly. Memory killer.
    Just my thoughts, I know a lot of people doing amazing things in Java... but does it still have sense in 2018?
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    @miiitch good old erlang and shit's settled.
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    Why not?
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    It's easier than C Language..
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    @miiitch Yeah. It's not the sexy new thing on the block. But as I said. It's not bad and it's established.

    It's easy to be productive in java. There is a lot of nice build tools and IDE's

    Usually man hours is more expensive than execution time. Of course it depends on the use case. But performance is usually good enough as long as you don't do anything stupid. And if you are stupid. It doesn't matter what language you use. You are still stupid.

    With that said. It does have a lot of drawbacks. But atleast it's getting better.
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    Why indeed?
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    @brano88 The problem is what java promises.
    I don't see platform independence in a platform dependent, monthly updated, method deprecating VM.

    Java is nice indeed, it's not necessarily slow and for devs it _can_ be nice.
    But it's horrendous for the end user.
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    It's also horrendous for sysadmins. 99% CPU/mem, all the time.
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    I'm surprised no one's mentioned Kotlin yet.
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    @PaperBag thanks I wanted to.
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    @RantSomeWhere you double posted there buddy

    It's mature and stable, we meme on node all the time saying blink and you've missed 4 major releases but it's scary how often that bloody thing bumps it's major version releases, to the point where keeping up to date with it is more work than building whatever you're running on it.

    You can get proper, official support from Oracle as well which is a major pull for enterprise... Not entirely sure why you'd want Oracle doing anything at all but Enterprise is Enterprise.

    That said, I prefer C#
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