Cordova or Xamarin?

I need to build a mobile app again, mostly for Android, because an interior Official app's functionality is so interior (written but monkeys) that it has finally pissed me of enough to take action.... And possibly be profitable (ads banner).

Mostly targeting Android but hey why not hit them all or at least also UWP.. I ain't paying for the Apple license... (Or maybe dfox could help release it...)

Anyway, which is better? I kinda want to pick up React and maybe try Typescript? (currently work with MEA(v1)N at work)

But I also use C# WPF, but mostly for my own projects these days when I need a desktop GUI.

I don't really feel like relearning Android SDK, I learned the SDK back when it was for Ice Cream.

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    So cutting off your arm vs cutting off your leg?
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    Cordova is just a web view with api for native features (sensors and stuff). If you really want to go with js for development why not try progressive web app. Or ionic if it has to be an app. It has elements that at least look native.

    Xamerian offers better performance and a better language. I suggest looking into flutter as well. Though both of them you will get an app that takes up at least 20mb total after the first run without your code.
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    @24th-Dragon I thought ionic was a GUI framework like Bootstrap on top of Cordova?
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    PWA, you need to host on a server? I'm not paying for a server. I just want the functionality on my phone.
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    Actually seems for React, it's none of the above. I was thinking Electron web apps but seems actually should use React Native.
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    @billgates ionic is a framework. You can use it to make pwa's and mobile apps. Its actually a typescript wrapper for cordova/phonegap. You can check out their website.

    As for pwa's If its an app just for you, you can try hosting it on firebase or some other place.
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    Depends on your current skillset. I personally don't like Xamarin. Nearly the same process....but with C# and lots of crashes(in my experience)

    If its for Android you are better served with React Native, Flutter, Codename One(really digging this one) or Nativescript. There seems to be a new one coming up called Vue Native(or something like that) which I have yet to try.

    Can't blame you for not wanting to use the Android SDK, but remember than when building natively for Android then nothing can beat that option.
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    React native is cool when it comes to apps
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    @AleCx04 I looked at the sample code for Code Name One but it seems it draws the whole screen for each Form whereas for React (I think) and Android Fragments´╝îthey split up the main screen so that I can create sections of the screen that don't change or are managed independently of whatever the main section is showing.

    Is that a limitation or just not something shown in the Demo?
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    @billgates demo, each section inside codename one can be independent of each other or conected as you see fit.
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