I'm currently planning to set myselv up with some vps/dedicated server's for a project. What i plan to do to secure these servers is.
*Use centos 7
* Setup Wireguard and join all of the servers +1 client (my pc) to that network
*Disable SSH Access from outside that VPN
*Only allow RSA Key login to the Servers
*Install Cockpit for monitoring
*Intall docker/kubernetes for the applications i plan to run

What do you guys think of that as a baseline? Im not sure if my lower powered VPS (VPS M SSD from Contabo) will work as Kubernetes Nodes, does anyone have experience with that?

In general these Servers will be used for my projects and other fooling around.

If you guys have other suggestions for Securing/monitoring or other software i could put on to have more control without eating up to much of the Servers power, let me know :D

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