Husband looking into online schools for CS. Anything data science related. He loves math (and is freaking good at it) and teaches himself R for fun.

I put 0 thought into my own schools (terrible, I know, but not likely to change any time soon). Any suggestions for good online data Science programs, with a math minor potentially?

It's for his bachelor's.

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    Doesn't the "open edu" of MIT have some online courses for it?
    Haven't been on the platform in a while...
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    I recall seeing somewhere that Coursera has a Master's in Data Science or something of the sort in partnership with UIUC. It's a legit degree, apparently, and all online.

    Edit: oh lol, just saw the bachelor's bit.
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    For me, anything CS related I go to edX or coursera, being edX my favourite (this in my opinion). I've never taken anything data science related but most certainly they have something there from a major university. He could also try MIT opencourseware
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    I don't think coursera or MITs thing offer degrees. Do they? My school had open edu but didn't confer degrees through it, just certs and general ed
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    Salem University has an online Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science. I don't know how good it is though.
    There is also a Business Data Analytics Bachelor of Science degree at Arizona State University (online).
    Hope these are good options!
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    @ThePyDev he's looking into asu, I'll have him look into Salem, too. Thanks
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    @QueenMorgana I'm starting the bachelor of science in software engineering degree at ASU next year. It's a really good university and I have been told that their online programs are excellent.
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