Why everyone here hate WordPress?

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    I don't hate it, it's often just used for stuff it isn't supposed to do, which makes a great, messy, vulnerable und weird website.
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    Short answer:
    A blog platform that got forced into an ecommerce platform and a theming nightmare with more plugin dependencies then a fucking NodeJS application.

    It’s insecure if not kept up to date, and you heavily rely on 3rd party’s to not only keep their shit clean and efficient but secure as well and constantly updated.

    So Wordpress as a platform encourages the worst coding practises I have ever seen or have had to do in my life. Random blocks of code everywhere and no idea what the fuck any of it actually belongs too as plugins can alter the code base directly rather then just work independently as a proper module.
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    @C0D4 you absolutely right and thank you for your idea I appreciate! But if WordPress is an open source can't we (developer) make it better place?
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    @Yves you would think so, but it’s community seems to think that’s a good eco system to be living in.

    Open source doesn’t always mean good source 😞
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    @mrtn haha.. :D
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    Everyone hates something here!
    And don't forget you are a programmer...we always have something to bitch about!
    Welcome aboard!😋😊😎
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    It's built in php.
    Isn't this enough?
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    Wordpress is communism trying to be productive/competitive.
    Shit don't happen yo.
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    @demiDev PHP is perfectly capable of doing virtually anything any other language can, it just gets abused by devs who have no idea what they are doing, and is the “go to” server side language for website beginners.

    If you replaced the PHP market share with Node, Python or even Java you would still have the same problems, it just wouldn’t be PHP receiving all the criticism.
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    Syntax it self is ugly.
    php is easy to use but it's not powerful and not even easy to learn if you know c family before starting it.
    But there is php in every damn hosts.
    I agree, easiest way for starting web.
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    Because it's widely used and is open source
    Which means everyone adds his/her two thousand cents to it.
    That's why upon adding themes and plugins and other wpHooks to the core, it creates the Guinness Book of World Record Holder SPAGHETTI 🍝
    Hence the hate.
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    @demiDev so what if it’s ugly?
    Be a good coder and make it clean.

    I get that PHP isn’t the nicest thing to look at when you come from C# but their are PSR standards to combat the mess that is easily created and sticking to OOP really helps a lot there as well.

    You can in PHP7+ also declare the return types on methods which was something that always bugged me in the earlier versions.

    As for being powerful, that’s a broad statement, what about it isn’t powerful for you?

    PHP can run as CLI tools, be used for dynamic websites, through to large scale ecommerce (I’m not talking Wordpress here) and be the backbone for API layers.
    I can even control my damn TV with PHP using sockets.

    Honestly I haven’t found a use case outside of machine learning that PHP wasn’t able to handle.
    If you want fast data processing, php isn’t for you, although in saying that, you can speed things up using multi threads and having the multi thread safe binaries.
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    @C0D4 This this this this this. I write most of my cli tools in php!
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    @linuxxx so do I. Well almost all, I’ve had to use python to work with Windows applications but that was really the one time I couldn’t use PHP, and I can’t really blame PHP not wanting to work like that 😎
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