Why is GitHub's certificate showing up on semver.org? I can no longer access the site normally because of the browser warning. Who's responsible for this atrocity?

I checked with a VPN and without, same result. Can someone confirm?


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    Something dodgy going on here
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    @C0D4 Looks like it's only happening on the www subdomain!

    Edit: they just fixed it I think.
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    @voodooattack www subdomain still f'ed.
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    @xewl Very odd. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't?

    The only possible explanation is if they're using a service like CouldFlare and the service is buggy.

    I got no response on Twitter from either GitHub or Microsoft either, and that silence makes me question what's going on...
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    @voodooattack They're both currently quite busy due to European lawsuit regarding the overtake ... could be a reason for no replies
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