What if a programmer was invited to the dear moon project? What would he make?

Probably a new JS framework or a new programming language? :P

That spacex event was one of the most inspiring event I have seen in a long while. I can't believe it is happening. That Q&A was very interesting and I like how Elon Musk talks, he tries really good to put things in layman terms.

And looks like Elon Musk is also going to space with Yazuka.

If I get a chance to go in lunar trip, I would be happy even if things go wrong and I have to die in space.

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    And Amen to that ! I'm so curious to see who he is going to take with him to the moon.. I mean it's been 50 years since humanity did something like this.. It's insane to even think about the fact that we can experience this in about 5 years or so. Man.. I would 100% say yes if he'd choose me to go with him to the moon.
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