I still don't understand the effect devRant has had on me...

When I first joined I was quite happy just being my old 2D game developer self but now all I want to do is build CLI tools, interpreters, root through source code I don't understand and not shut up about arch... Not sure of I'm down the right track or not now

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    Why you no like compilers :(
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    @RememberMe oh trust me I want to build a compiler buy don't fully understand interpreters yet... Baby steps young one
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    This is fine, you've gathered knowledge, interests and new hobbies. But, please, do not brag with arch, it is just a Linux distro. An interesting distribution but still only one of many distros.
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    @nnee I don't actually brag about using arch, it's more of a default goto meme whenever anyone says anything related to Linux ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Literally the same applies to me. I used to do a lot 2D games stuff and now I love CLI, Compilers and Arch. But I think I surpassed the Arch stage and go more into BSD. Also I actually start to focus on compilers for my masters degree.
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    @host127001 that's awesome!

    I would love to learn about compilers but still can't grasp a simple interpreter :-(
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    @lxmcf what do you struggle with? I mean after lexing and parsing, once you have the AST, naive evaluation is rather simple. I remember reading 'how to build your own scheme' or something like that. I think that's a great article to read in order to learn about interpreters
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    @lxmcf also, if you already annoy the people around you with Arch, learn some functional programming and don't shut up about that either.
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    @host127001 I struggle with most of it honestly, especially on how too actually structure tokens and have no clue how to evaluate expressions...

    And oh I like the sound of that, we do need another annoying meme for a change
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    @host127001 lol! If you get me started on Haskell/OCaml I don't shut up at all, I totally know what you mean xD
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