This is so true. I agree no one will slow down and put in the effort to make lasting stuff or it is rare.

"It Just Seems That Nobody is Interested in Building Quality, Fast, Efficient, Lasting, Foundational Stuff Anymore"
--Nikita Prokopov

Article from Slashdot:


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    Quality has went down the drain
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    Nikita Prokopov, a guy who tries to make a point about fucking obese and sloppy software.

    He does so with a webpage that burns through 3.4 MB, scales images down in the browser, fails to leverage browser caching, 44 requests, pulling in useless shit from Google fonts, Twitter and Twimg.

    If that idiot wants to know where the dumbnuts are who produce bloated shit, he just has to look in a freaking mirror.
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    @Fast-Nop good observation of his website but I guess even hypocrites can make a valid point lol!
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