When it's late at night and my wife and child have gone to bed and I pull out the laptop to start some code/specification I question my life choices.

Does anyone else wonder why they're driven to do what they do?

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    the older i get the more often i question. but feeding a family and paying the debts and a home doesn't make it easy to do whatever the fuck i want.
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    Whenever I code, I am happy.
    Whenever I think about how to do something, my mind turns to code.
    If there's something I need to do, I code something to do it for me.

    Code makes my life easier and better.
    Why would I *ever* feel bad for this?
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    @Root in my case i sometimes think i'd rather should have chosen the programmers way.
    but since i am a grumpy old misanthrophic man i am quite sure i'd question everything at some points of life because you have to deal with humans in any case. (but i'd appreciate home office possibility)
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    Two days of coding can save me minutes of effort!
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