Knowing SQL does not mean knowing all the existing technologies that uses SQL, motherfucker! Stop bragging around that you know Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle and shit.


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    Never heard anyone bragging about SQL knowledge.

    Pretty understandable though if you are the only one with it in a room full of nosql or orm using peoplessss
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    @AleCx04 lucky you
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    @AleCx04 Boy, if you are gonna go the ORM route, you better fucking know SQL too, 'cause when the shit hits the fan and the framework can't pull its weight and you need to use native queries and commands, who's gonna save ya?
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    @telephantasm you said it my man. You fucking said it. That is what I always tell people. To beware orms until they can master their sql good enough to not depend on it.
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    @telephantasm Awesome point. Every fucking clow nowadays brags about NoSQL or ORMs shit without even analyze the context. For me, it's more about lazyness than a choice after all with some exceptions, of course.

    Or when you take a big backend shit full of plugins but the retard is concerned about DATABASE PERFORMANCE and puts redis to a business that data grows exponentially only to find them crying after some weeks requesting help.
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    First of all sql is ansi/iso standard and all sql databases got at least 90% of sql-92 support, also some nosql databases got sql-92 support as far as I remember
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    It just means the learning curve for the rest is not that bad.
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    @vane You're right. But it's important to know that each one of those techs have some details that can turns out very important to the business if the complexity grows up, that's why some companies like MS/Oracle (I don't like them, btw) still keeps those products around.

    Bragging about know each one of them (not knowing at all, the subject was a developer, not a DBA - that at least I could consider their field very specific, giving more realistic chances to know all those technologies with another level) in the CV / to the boss is the most stupid thing I've seen.

    That's ok talking about "DB general knowledge, profound understanding of ANSI SQL" or, at fucking least, "SQL" as skill. Claiming knowing every each database engine that uses SQL it's not only stupid: it's an ego circlejerk that I can't deal with.
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    @capcj I understand your point and anger that’s why I put SQL-92 to the conversation so people could understand there are actual standards behind whole ecosystem. Database vendors can always decide weather they follow standard or not and to what reason.
    As an example TCP/IP have RFC but implementation differs between OS. We are only humans for God sake and we make mistakes more often then we think.
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    @Hubot-0x58 Yep, totally agree with you.
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