Vim 8.0 is out!

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    anything specific you like? I'm just being lazy and don't feel like getting up and walking 20 feet to find out
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    Awwwwww fuck yeah!
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    Any good vim tutorials? I've tried it numerous times, but it doesn't get into my coconut why people like it so much.
    I usually just alternate between visual studio code and notepad ++.
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    @IceCoolTea because vim
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    @IceCoolTea custom keybindings is awesome. I have keybindings setup for pianobar, I can start my music, skip a song, pause a song, etc. other than that you can use plugins to do everything you can do with a traditional ide with less memory footprint
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    Will we be able to exit it?
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    @FelisPhasma same as it used to be :q!
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