Recently i switched from using git with gui tools to just console, and love the speed and reliability increase, but guys do you really resolve merge conflicts in console? Is it effective/worth getting used to?

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    Good luck doing those in console.

    I usually just open the files in vsCode and press accept for the correct block.
    Then head back to the console.
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    I'd definitely say use what you're comfortable using. Not everyone finds it easy to resolve conflicts manually in an editor, I didn't until recently even though I first started using Git with a CLI
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    Just use both or git cli and vscode for the conflicts.

    Have workmates who are used to GUI and brags they can do it faster... not sure how to justify cli but there's a lot of things you can do with it and sometimes even faster!

    Reflog, custom git log, everything else I haven't tried yet, etc...

    Or maybe yea, just use both. Cli for complex and stuff it can do faster and GUI for things it can do better.
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    i use terminal for git but webstorm for resolving conflicts, works like a charm!
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