Working with a developer from another company, nominally called Jo. I had a programming session with Jo today.

Sometimes it's hard to succinctly describe an individual developers level of aptitude in highly technical fields to outsiders because it often requires a lot of context relating to the problem being solved and their attempts to solve it.

In this case I think it could be pretty accurately summarised in this little anecdote: there was a 10 second pause in our work today while Jo was trying to figure out how to type '<'

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    Seams like jo forgot his cup of joe
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    I usually space out like that when I'm tired then wonder why am I staring blankly at my keyboard if I know what to do. It's like my brain task scheduler just fucked up a tick.
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    Now if Jo just moved country to somewhere with a different keyboard layout or is learning davork meh annoying but ok
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