Not a dev post, just wanted to share :) just for your viewing pleasure - My first pics taken using a low budget camera and ‘scope.

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    Awesome picture man, what telescope d'you have?
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    And what is the question?
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    I got hold of a really good condition Celestron 102SLT. Did my homework, rated pretty well for the lower end costs. Really nice entry level scope :)
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    @codex404 - I couldn’t remove the ‘question’ tag from my post sadly. Probs a way to do it, I was rushing when I posted the above!
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    Nice! I should do that too. Soon it's observatory time :3
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    I did the hard job for ya
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    Get a RPi and PiCam behind your eyepiece (or even in prime focus). Plenty of projects around that. 3D print a mount eventually
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    Ugh I always wanted to do some astrophotog. What I have now are just 10x50 bino and phone camera tho 😂
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    It's good to see space lovers here.
    I like both; space outside and space on the keyboard
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