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    I smell React Native
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    I love keeping in touch with nan, I wonder what she's sharing this time
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    @gitpush it takes just little time for react native to fuck you up. But it's still my favorite mobile cross platform framework anytime.
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    @leksyib tell me about it, I made couple of projects in RN and I fucking hate it :\

    I still prefer going native tho
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    @gitpush I'm sure most of the problems you had with react native has to do with Android. It's perfect for iOS. Making it perfect on Android is still a work in progress
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    @leksyib actually my problems began when:

    1. Render data on screen (TOO DAMN SLOW)

    2. IOS app goes to background when network call has not yet completed

    3. Using device hardware
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    @gitpush lol maybe it has to do with your code then
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    @gitpush I agree with @leksyib. It's probably your code. I've done three commercial apps (both android and ios) in React Native and android is where we have most of our issues in.
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