Anyone here has posture problems like anterior pelvic tilt or rounded shoulders form sitting in front of a computer all day?
I have them both and it
It basically makes me look like shit when I walk. Will strength training help with these issues?
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    Yeah, I want to start working out regularly because this shit's no good lol
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    I used to have it. There's specific stretches/exercises that target anterior pelvic tilt that you can do at home without any equipment. I liked watching YouTube videos so that I could mimic the poses easier. Try a couple and stick to the ones that works for you. If it feels good, it is good. Except when it feels like shite and you're like "damn, I really need to do this more", but I guess that qualifies as the good kind of pain. Sounds vague, but your body will tell you what's good and what is not. Lunge stretch worked wonders for me.

    Strengthening your core is a great long-term investment as well if you're up to it, it does wonder for stability, posture and confidence. I like Plank and Back Extensions.

    15 minutes of focused work every day should do the trick.

    I was lucky enough to find a sport that I love a couple of years ago and it really turned my life around; I realized that I can't function without regular exercise...
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    My mom has been staying things about how i sit with shoulders moving inwards.
    I never thought about it until i searched for the term rounded shoulders after reading this rant. Yes i have it.

    I don't have pelvic tilt because i have been in an air force cadet college and we used to run and exercise heavily.

    I've been out of college for 2 years now and I've been sitting in front of PC for whole days even.
    I'll have to fix this by exercise.
    Good thing is I am student and I've got time for that.
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    @Hubot-0x58 Yeah, yoga might be more fun than manually bundling exercises (as I suggested). The most important thing is that you find a routine that you can stick to, after all. The mental aspects of yoga is really cool as well.
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    I have a ganglion on my left hand. Too much typing caused it I guess.
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    I also have APT and it's really a pain in everyday life. Usually, the rounded shoulders comes from the APT. What you should do is stretch and strengthen !
    Basically you should stretch your low back and hip flexors and strengthen your abs and glutes.
    Also, it's important for you to be aware of your posture. Throughout the day, try to correct your position. Remember that your body is a slacker, so you should teach it the "correct" rest position.
    Of course working your entire back could help with your posture. Remember to keep things balanced ! Too much of something will result in bad things. Take care
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    @leksyib isn't that what wasps use to do what they call thinking?
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    @MrEliptik how did you get-apt?

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    @leksyib yeah, I'm sorry bro. Hope that gets better soon.
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    @irene Lol it's not an emergency. I read that it can cure itself, and maybe if it doesn't, I'd need a surgery
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    Don't worry i had a bulge like that at arm-hand joint and it is now back to normal after 1.5 years
    It was hard and easily noticeable, skin had become rough but it didn't had any fluids in it

    I don't think it was because of computer habits
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    @fahad3267 1.5 years wow. Well I also read a girl had it, they got the fluid out through surgery and it grew back because she's a violin player. that was why I considered it to be caused by my typing
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    I don't know why it was there.
    It was on right hand and my left hand is typing more than right.
    One has to control cursor at sometimes
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    Athlean X on Youtube has some fantastic exercise videos for fixing issues like this. He has videos that focus on those specific issues, but it looks like this one covers exercises for fixing all of the common issues that come from sitting in front of a screen all day:


    Also as he notes in the description, you should wait on weight training until after you fix your posture, otherwise you are just exacerbating the existing problems.
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