Not only the manager/developer ratio is insane, but they are complaining about their top dev is getting an extra special status .. I just wish he sees this and quit immediately.

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    Answer is simple: Change the policy.

    If that's your top dev, and he keeps delivering, give HIM what he wants, instead of taking the road of pestering his ability to work on your projects at all.

    Also, 1 dev... Get him some space! Make him lead developer...

    edit, without reading upfront, I'm happy that the general answer there, is kinda aiming at the same.
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    "it doesn't require any interaction with other people in the office but it's still wrong"
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    @filthyranter this, the mental gymnastics you have to do to say that are circ du solai ripe of shit.

    >I don't need him here
    >He delivers more than expected
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    I agree with others: change the policy and fire 19 of the managers.
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    Sounds like the company should fire this shithead as quickly as possible. No, not the dev of course, but the fucking idiot who is complaining. And at least 15 of these "managers".
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    He should consider the possibility that the dev is actually shielding his productivity by working from home, because 20 manager could be molesting like a horde of kids.
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    He's just working from home to avoid his managers
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    I bet the managers will complain when the top dev has no choice to do less work because he was forced to come in lmao
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    I hate it when rules are enforced with no real reason, just because "they are rules". Same with that policy: It requires no interaction and he is productive enough (and even more). Why would you enforce a rule which makes everything worse for everyone?
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    That's pretty fucking stupid. But HR cunts be HR cunts I guess...
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    If the HR Team would follows the actual news and facts... They would understand that the following is true.

    If u seriously whack your brain, you will need more breaks than an average worker.

    I am sometimes working on 5 to 6 different existing projects plus the planning of extensions and or planning of completely new projects.

    That only works If i have the possibility to take 30 min breaks between the projects. Makes 3 to 4 hour breaks in total per day.

    Not possible usually but okay If I work at home and manage my time schedule without pressure due to the stupid working time and break regulation.

    If I really need to concentrate because I might find a solution to keep the client from running away... The best way is from home.

    Seriously. Stop these fucking regulations. 32 hours are enough per week if the worker is able to reliably work these 32 hours. And If a good ticket and time management software exists. Stamp in till you need a break. Stamp out. Done.
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    So does that make me a really good dev since my manager really don't care whether I work from office or home?

    Then again the rest of the team is in another country. And I don't think I'm being paid enough...
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    The Workplace is so easy to troll.
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