*youtube how to use X in Y*

*please dont be an indian please dont be an indian please dont be an indian*

hlo frnds tday ím gna shw u...


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    Don't forget the instructions in the notepad, the artifical click sound and the yellow circle around the cursor. And a VM with a screen resolution from 2005.
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    @hypervtechnics @irene since i have to wait 2h to post a new rant ill write it here: i am so Fcking pissed off when people make a tutorial SERIES and start by first using unnecessary boilerplate already half built project with a bunch of classes i know nothing about and the worst part about this is, the project is 2 yrs old, COMPLETELY outdated and cannot be compiled, thus Fucking retarded tutorials are a waste of time because u cant fOLLOW IT SINCE IT IS OUTDATED AND THEY DO NOT TEACH FROM SCRATCH JST FK OFF
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    They are one of the best on more complicated subjects though.
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    What are you trying to do?
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    @JKyll im trying to learn android: mvp, retrofit, rxjava and other shits for developing well structured android apps. if u have knowledge in mvp please i beg u to teach me on teamviewer, ill pay u if i have to, i cant wrap my head around mvp
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    @SukMikeHok I do MVC, didn't know MVP was a synonymous of it, what does it stand for?
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    I thought MVVW is the one being encouraged by Android O.o
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    @JKyll MVP and MVC are not the same. The communication flows are different.
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    @captainskippah it IS but its highly more clusterfucked, mvp will do the job enough
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    MVP and MVC are close cousins but not the same. Biggest difference is that in MVP View and Presenter are coupled (through contract/interface) and P is aware of V.

    Personally, I'd go with MVVM on any project/feature with Android's ViewModel and LiveData.
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    Once I was experimenting and came up with something pretty good. Not sure if it's over-enigneered but tried it on a To-Do (which is my goto for experiments)

    I extended MVVW and added one more part and got:

    - View which is a dumb container of data and emits events.

    - ViewModel which is derived from a Model and shows what the view needs including states.

    - Model which is the actual data source

    - And lastly, I'll call it ViewActions. Event listeners triggers actions and actions updates the view model. Views literally is just a dumb component that shows what is in ViewModel and is a way for a user to trigger actions.

    Separated Actions from ViewModel bc I thought it's doing a lot more than what it says about itself.

    Heck, it's dang testable too!

    Also, while writing this I just realized this looks like what Flux is to me 🤔🤔 or is it?

    Anyway, thought sharing it here to you guys 😁😁

    Btw did this first day at work to impress. Senior didn't even care. Said it's ugly.
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    @captainskippah I'd be interested to see the TODO project if you have it somewhere online (git/bitbucket)? 🤔
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    @LordPeeve sorry cant. It's on a company repo.

    The project btw was an introduction to eclipse rcp. My first java app too! Too bad, if I leave I won't be able to bring with me my first Java app + native desktop UI
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    @captainskippah No worries mate, worth a try.

    I'm not sure if what you described is more along the lines of Redux pattern or VIPER... but I really want to see an Android example using Interactor and Router. 😄
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    😂 I started understanding hindi from their tutorials
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    Damn, I was just thinking of making some videos from rust. Now I'm reconsidering XD
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    @hashedram just do it, I would like it.
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    Why not
    *please not be Indian* thing?
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    Btw which tutorial you are watching
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    @gowtham-sai the accent can be hard to understand and a lot of topics are described by indians because they have good universities.
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    If you're serious about your Learning.. YouTube is a bad place to go
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    @retard not perse, some people learn really well from YouTube. Personally I only use it as a last resort.
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    Every time I come across this rant, it makes me laugh. Well done, good sir.
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    @hashedram Do it man! If people bitch about your accent, then tell them to fuck off because you are giving free content. But you can also provide a text tutorial, that everyone can understand
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    I'm an indian and I totally understand this, I do also avoid them for also being surface level tutorials like... They have this "I'm reading a script" kinda tone.

    Also, not everyone here has that ancient accent unless he's from a village or something.
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    Hey, at least there's no Squarespace / Skillshare promo at the beginning of the video. Always a plus. :>
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