Kids these days 🀐

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    "On today's episode of shit that didn't happen."


    "This belongs on r/thathappened"


    "It's true! I was the chair a kid was sitting in!"

    These are a few of my favorite responses to tweets like this lol

    (I also get that the tweet isn't serious.)
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    Literally "my 8 year old said/did X"
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    @Stuxnet I asked my 8yr old and she said “Why do people make up stories about children that don’t exist for their own personal reach of fame on social media?”.
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    Kids nowadays don't give a damn about machine learning, data science or PyTorch. The only thing they care about are instagram and snapchat.
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    Send the kids to the coal mines, it's where they belong. Ungrateful little shits.
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    @Khani yeah, no. Many of them do but that's generalizing a LOT.
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    @Khani Most, but not anyone.
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    @Stuxnet it's like people don't understand rhetorical devices.
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    @bkwilliams I asked my fetus and it responded “Maybe some people just do anything for attention.”
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    Why don't visit people with deep learning skill my school😞😞
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