Two parter.

Who here actually has a career in tech? I mean gainfully employed. Nothing against kids or students, but I figure the best rants come from the workplace.

Also, we need some more fucking OC on here. Typical feed on any given day here:

PHP is shit
Arch user self-fellatio
Windows sucks
Meme I saw on another site
Original Content
Windows sucks

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    Well it goes like this:

    They can't be stopped.
    That's what's trendy
    Trendy subject
    Still trendy
    Can't stop it v2
    Can't stop it v3
    At least it's likely original to dR
    Still trendy

    Repost can't be stopped. It's just not possible. Trendy subjects are more like to appear since they get easy ++.
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    @Stuxnet yeah yeah, I know.. just makes me want to punch a nun some days.
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    @segfault0xff Just decease your time on the app a bit and it'll help.

    For the last few weeks I've kinda been on the app less. Some days more than others, but I'm trying to get the time spent on here down.
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    @segfault0xff filters are awesome. That's pretty much all.
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    @Stuxnet I use the app sporadically on my free time, being busy and lazy helps
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    @JKyll but if I filter, I wouldn't have anything to complain about, now would I? 😂
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    @Stuxnet haven't had much time this week, been busy as fack at work
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