what is the purpose of a degree?

what value does it convey?

isnt it better if you just show all the work and projects youve done on github as proof of what kind of knowledge do you actually have? plus where you worked before on linkedin? thats not enough, right? a paper needs to decide how much knowledge you have? is that it?

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    A degree is usually a measurement for angles. 1 degree is equal to pi/180 radiants.

    Other than that you can fake your github repository and LinkedIn profile quite easily. Your degree you get from school is way harder to fake.
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    A degree is like a "hall pass". You could definitely reach your destination without it, but society has decided that you needed this little piece of thing to go further.
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    There are institution which prove that people working in it are somehow competent, because (good scientists, good businessmen, prizes in competitions or something else) and when you get degree it says that these institution prove that you have knowleage or are good in learning, working in stress. It is just preselection and later you are tested in interview or something else.

    Sometimes git is enough, sometimes it isn't and also checking git or anyother work need time and someone to do that.
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    @fuckwit how do you fake your github repo, fill it with random text files?
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    @ganjaman maybe by putting not your code?
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    It's extra points on any visa.
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    @fuckwit ++ for ° joke, but degrees are not only easy to fake/get if you have money, in some cases getting it is pretty easy as well.

    @Jilano this, I'll get mine so my parents can get off my back, being called an engineer or earning my peer's "respect" isn't my thing.

    @HelloUglyWorld this 😂
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    I don't think that the important here is the paper you get when you finish, but the knowledge you acquire on the road to obtain it. Of course GitHub is also important, but you can have a huge GitHub without really understanding the code. The paper proves that you are actually capable of doing it, fixing it and understanding it on a (deep) level.
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    @FoxYou Wrong on so many levels.
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    @HelloUglyWorld do you care to explain why?
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    @FoxYou I almost got paper in Pharmacy (master) and I don't have deep understanding of that mater. It just proves that my goverment put trust in my uni judgment about my knowleage and uni says that I know shit.

    You could copy and paste for git and for uni, but currently it is more common to associated uni with something which lead to getting work so if you care just about getting job and want to invest bare minimum of time you will get paper without deep understanding rather than git repo.
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