Oh my god VMWare 15 finnaly added an aspect ratio lock for VM's!!!!!!

Only took how fucking long?!

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    Wait. That's something a lot of people want?
    I just want it to scale to my window size so it'll always fit.
    What are some use-cases for locking the aspect ratio?
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    @Charmesal game development, setting a resolution then scaling it up and down to check for windows scaling errors or glitches for certain aspect ratios and resolutions.

    Also doesn't it actually do that? Isn't that what auto fit does? 0.o
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    I always fo full screen, i don't give a shit about aspect ratio
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    @lxmcf never thought about than. Glad they finally added something you've been wanting for a while now. No more manual scaling to get the aspect ratio for you anymore.

    it does to that but I meant that that's the only scaling feature I use and I thought most others would want to use also.
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    @Charmesal it's a specific use case that not many people will ever need so I can see why
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