Hi Guys, I so confused. I'm giving interviews and constantly failing them. I'm not able to clear the practical round. In most interviews, I was able to achieve the goal which the interviewer gave me.

But somehow I didn't get selected. i'm applying for Android Developer positions. just to give you
guys an idea.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Right now I just am so depressed that I don't even want to give no interviews anymore.

Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated

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    Ask the companies you interview for for feedback, both when you get the job and not get the job (I don't see it as failing).
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    i would suggest exactly the same @Codex404
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    @skilledasyamcha Well I guess I'll do that. At first I thought it wouldn't be good to call them, as almost all the interviewers said they would call me, but the call never came
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    Seems that the companies that you applied to are not very professional. I think that each interview participant should get a yes or no answer. Plain silence is not very professional. BTW, how long have you waited so far? I consider 2 weeks to be the maximum I would have to wait. 1 week is decent.
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    As mentioned, ask them for feedback. It doesn't hurt to go above and beyond with practical too. Maybe throw an Easter egg in too (only if they're a cool kind of company. I once put the konami code in a webapp and I got the job :).

    And good luck!
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    Now days it is more a bout the fit than the knowledge... Of course a minimum knowledge and willing to improve needs to be proven.

    So here are my suggestions:
    Don't lie, always be super honest about your knowledge and what do you do to be better

    Ask questions, as many as you can ok the environment, rules, git, anything that will affect your work.

    Be relaxed, like when talking ti a friend, show how you really are, be authentic. No one wants to hire a fucking liar false piece of shit.

    Also ask for feedback and read through their bullshit
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    Make sure you prepare for the interview in every way; this includes learning as much as you can about the company - check out their website, try out their apps on your phone, see if they've posted any photos of their last team building trip, see what tools they use, etc.

    And once you're at the interview, keep in mind the company is usually looking for a person to fill a gap in their team, not just some coder.
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