Today I had to give the privacy speech to my family as to why I don't want to use WhatsApp (where my family has a group discussion). It was pretty difficult in the beginning because they used a lot of the "You shouldn't care if you have nothing to hide." rethoric.

But in the end most of them understood my point of view, and I even got my aunt to install Signal to try it out. I have hope that some day all of our family discussions will be completely private.

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    If you'd need help with arguments as for that rethoric, let me know!
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    @linuxxx I have them when I think about it alone, but when people call me paranoid I kinda lose my well formed sentences. I actually need to train myself
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    @ohemelaar The paranoid part is very recognizable, yes.

    I don't do self promotion often but maybe the 'nothing to hide' article on my blog might help?

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    "nothing to hide" is a dangerous argument.

    as some guy whose name i forgot once said - that is all well and good, until someone with bad intentions takes over those institutions you decided to give your data to.

    imagine a new wave of cybercriminality, and as response new laws that allow the government to draw data from facebook without limit. or lax privacy laws, when suddenly an extremist party rises to power.

    suddenly you have quite a lot to hide, don't you?
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    The Nazis said to the Jews they should sign the register unless they had something to hide.

    Privacy is important and should be fought for.
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    @git-gud I ended up giving that example, but I'm not very proud of it as it's a very extreme one. I should be able to make them care about their privacy without relying on fear.
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    @ohemelaar i believe that, at least in this case, those are two sides of the same coin. you can only care for something if you fear it's loss, and you can only fear something's loss if you care for it.

    i'm not sure what influence that has on how you'd approach that argument. i can't think of a way of examplifying just how precious privacy is without showing what happens when you loose it.
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    @linuxxx really liked the way articles presented
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    Please don't use the cursive fonts for paragraphs. Use sans-serif fonts. It's easier on the eyes. If you still want cursive fonts, use them for the questions, but not for the informative blocks of text.
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    What's wrong with whatsapp? Doesn't it have end to end encryption?
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    @samsepiol WhatsApp encrypts the following:
    - message content (including attachments).

    WhatsApp doesn't encrypt:
    - sender
    - receiver
    - date/time
    - location

    Based on that data you often don't even need the content 😬

    @RiderExMachina I had both positive and negative feedback about that, the positive over ruled big time so decided to stay with it :)

    @yaswanth Thanks!
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