When you have only 3 hours to do exam preparation because you wasted weekend :3

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    Wrote an exam on friday, today (monday) another one, tomorrow and this friday, too.

    Was too stupid for getting the necessary points 😂 So 4 post-conference exams (as deepl translated...).

    Btw... 4-5 hours for sleeping 😴

    What's your exam about? 🤔
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    @Irithyll Same sleep conditios here. Exams finished today. What about you? My exam was about discrete mathematics. So far i am unable to see how it is relevant to CS :3
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    Last friday: Technical Informatics / Techn. Computer Science

    Today: Basics of Theoretical Informatics

    Tomorrow: OOP

    This friday: Linear Algebra

    Btw "Logic and Discrete Mathematics" and "Functional Programming": I'll write exams the 3rd time at the beginning of the next year... meeeh 😢
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    @safiullah Discrete mathematics is very relevant. Assuming it covered topics like propositional logic and predicate logic, I can say you can use logic to build knowledge systems in a proper way. Also, precisely specifying requirements is what you can use it for. And what about simplifying conditions in if-statements? Propositional logic. Relational DB's are based on set theory. And there's much more. Keep in mind that studying mathematics is excellent training for your abstraction ability. In general, a well trained person will be faster and better at defining abstractions at the correct level.
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    @Irithyll We studied OOP in last semester.
    Studying Linear Algebra in this semester.
    Are you guys learning OOP in Java or C++?
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    @CodeMasterAlex Thankyou for sharing all those points. I will keep then in my mind.
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    OOP - Python and Java 🐍 ☕

    In Technical Informatics (Computer Architectures 1st semester, Operating and Communication Systems in the 2nd semester) we've "learned" Assembly and C. 💀

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