He told me to "calm down".
I said to him: "If it weren't you, I'd have hit you." (slowly, with the most serious voice...)

I hate this fucking sentence so damn much...!

"Just calm down..." - "BAM HEADSHOT! GO DIE!"... 🤔

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    Fucking hate it too !!!!
    It works as well as baptizing a cat !
    "Calm down" and "easy"
    People who use these words deserve an instant punch. Why can't they just be quite?!
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    "Bam headshot, in your knee."
    I don't know where it's from...

    But I know that this one is from Red (Dick Figures):
    "Bam headshot, running ryan, killing spree, killtacular... I'm Batman!" 😂
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    they always talk politely with soothing tone of voice, it makes you feel bad to yell at them, and meanwhile they keep being useless...I get that struggle
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    Never in the history of calming down, has anyone ever calmed down after hearing the words "calm down".
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    > "Just calm down"
    Given the situation, why the hell are you calm? Are you oblivious or do you simply not care?
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