Manager: “We need you to stay in the room and not go outside to make personal calls on your mobile.”

Me: “uhmm okaaaay...”

*I get a call* “Yeah, I called about making a doctor appointment....my symptoms? Ummmm...*lowers voice to say it but everyone still hears...totally embarrassing*

Same manager, later, at performance review: “We found it highly inappropriate for you to be talking about your personal medical issues on the phone in front of everyone in the office.”

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    "Next time don't tell me to answer it here or I'll straight out make appointments for prostate exams in the middle of the office."
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    Mamager of the week award goes to that douchebag
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    One of many reasons I prefer to be self-employed whenever I can manage it. Although my current bosses are great. That one was fresh out of college and had no idea how to effectively manage people.
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    This is why I keep a notebook of the things I'm directly ordered to/not to do with dates.

    "I'm sorry but on (date) you said (direct order)"
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    @seraphimsystems wow this is real clever! I'ma make a log of this too thanks for the tip!!
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    @karma just be careful as some managers will then write you up for being awkward
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    @seraphimsystems fuck that, I'll use it as a reference not rub his face over it 🤦‍♂️ I know how shit can hit the fan like that from past experiences 🤷‍♂️
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    @karma haha, it's all in the attitude my dude, best of luck.
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    Just let them know that you need to talk about medical issues that you'd rather the office not hear.
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    "When I'm on phone next time in the office, everybody out! "
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    "We have the clients here today for the demo. Jim, can you walk them through it?"
    "Huh? Yeah hold on a sec. 'Yeah, so my asshole keeps itching even after I took a shower. Is there anything you can prescribe? I'm dropping bombs every 10 minutes.. It's ridiculous!'"
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    If he tells you to jump off the bridge you gonna do it? Dude, fuck it. Doctor's appointment is not a personal call and you should leave the room without asking for permission. It's not kindergarten ffs.
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    @kargaroth like this
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    Well you could have asked him to make an exception when you realised it was for a doctor's appointment :)
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    Good idea actually. I'm going to do this too and on what dates I told my boss what. Because he doesn't listen to me or has reading comprehension issues.
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    @seraphimsystems I do the same. They do not necessarily need to be assholes, but some managers simply can't keep up with their conflicting instructions now and then. A friendly reminder is pure gold then. 😏
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