Co-worker: Hey man, what's up with your code?

Me: What do you mean bro?

Co-worker: It's generic man...

Me: Isn't it supposed to be like that?

Co-worker: Yeah...

Me: ... so what's this about?

Co-worker: hmmm... Mine is kinda specific, do you mind changing it so that it can work well with mine??

Me: That's why I made it generic though

Co-worker: yeah I see that and I dnt want mine to be and we have a deadline tomorrow. I already pushed mine to develop so, happy fun-time while modifying your code to accommodate mine...

Me: *fuuxuuuuuuuuuuuux*

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    What a shitbag! 😤
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  • 27
    The answer is ‘no’ - write good code / the house-style. Stick to your principles!
  • 17
    "no, go fuck yourself"
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    It's generic, shouldn't it be fine?
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    @beegC0de Maybe he just doesn't want his to look bad next to OP's. But yeah, fuck this cunt.
  • 17
    @PrivateGER This.

    You never give in to that bullshit, it kills your soul. Argue with references to style guides, best practices, etc. Make him look more stupid.

    Extinguish that fucker so there's one less cunt.
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    Push your code, let the build fail, let everyone check logs, let everyone see his shitty code. Never back down from this kind of people. Ever.
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