Today my teacher said to not even touch our PC's because we can destroy them... It's not like we're already 18 and he's supposed to teach us how to use and repair them because the school subject is called "exploitation of computer technology devices". Also he said we can use books while exams so I wasted my time on learning where is every option in kmail, hopefully there was more questions about terminal and FTP... (I wanted to pass this exam with my own knowledge to learn anything and there's my 100%). This guy is so annoying :/

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    He needs to protect himself, if you damage your 2000€ pc.
    Your parents/You can't blame him
    Because 'you've been warned'
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    that really does sound annoying, but be proud of yourself that you are making the effort to learn stuff the non-lazy way. it'll come in handy later.
    Oh and: welcome to DevRant! 🙃
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    @CoffeeNcode so wholesome
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    @shelladdicted Unfortunately Intel Core Duo, integrated graphics and 250GB HDD isn't worth that money 😂

    @CoffeeNcode Thanks and hello :D
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