Finally on vacation.

As an American the first surprise I got in Berlin is that Burger King serves beer. Never seen that ever back home. (Okay I was in Denmark on a plane but it still was cool darn it)

I've been thinking for the year about working here, but now that I showed up the idea is scaring me a bit. Go figure. 😭

I want to see more of Germany beyond Berlin, what do our German natives like here?

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    I'd recommend seeing the Cathedral of Cologne. It's pretty easy to reach via train, 4 hours one way.
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    Oktoberfest just wrapped up, but even so, Munich is brilliant.
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    Hamburg Speicherstadt, near the harbour
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    @bahua How good is the public transportation? Bavaria in general looked kinda rural
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    Munich is a city of millions. They have extensive transit options, including a full-blown subway.
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    Well if you could go to the Oktoberfest but everything there is very expensive. I recommend u to go to cologne or Hamburg or Dresden.
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    if you plan to visit Bavaria, i recommend you Landshut. That place looks like Disneyland because the old town was disneys inspration for his theme parks.


    if you go north to hamburg, make sure to visit Lübeck the old captial of the medival trade union of the "Hanse". They were so rich at thst time they've build a fairytale city with the highest churches and towers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    @heyheni I could go for that. Berlin is pretty damn overwhelming to someone from a city of "only" 200,000
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    Welcome to Germany! I live in the very south in beautiful Constance
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