I don't know if we already had a weekly rant about petty revenge or anything, but I did just pull some petty bullshit maybe 30 minutes ago.

A couple people I know are trying to start a clothing brand (think I posted something about it on here before) and asked me to build the website cause one of them found out I write code. (Well, he asked if I was good with computers and I told him that I am, and he basically said "you're building our website then")

Basically these people are..not good people. One of them has a history of sexually harassing girls (some of which are really close friends of mine), the other one is basically following in his footsteps. They also like to go to the parking lot of an elementary school (the one that my little sister goes to actually) and get high.

Both of them have fucked me over at some point in the few years I've known them. And so now my silent indirect petty revenge begins. Earlier I bought the domain name for the online store they're trying to (make me) build. Considering having the site redirect to a gay porn site.

One of them is currently getting into shit having to do with drugs, which is not my doing, but I can probably find a way to get them into trouble. Especially the fact that they're doing drugs in the parking lot of an elementary school. That shit's just fucked up, no exceptions.

Anyone have any suggestions for shit I could do to them?

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    Record them doing drugs and post it on their website, lol guess it wouldnt be petty revenge then
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    @f03n1x and maybe illegal, they know it was him/her. Besides they are still starting up so almost no one will see it probably.
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