I love programming :)... I HATE HAVING NO IDEAS!!! >:( is it really that difficult brain?!

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    Putting pressure on yourself is a killer of creativity. I learned that the hard way as you are probably doing right now.
    Try to relax 😊
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    What is the most annoying task/thing you do/see on a computer? Write a program to do/fix it.
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    @billgates Really thats what I do every time but in my case I apply it to hardware too.
    Very good tip
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    There has been a study that found good evidence that walking is linked with creativity!
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    Hey, I'm reading Creative Superpowers by Laura Jordan Bambach, Mark Earls, Daniele Fiandaca and Scott Morrison on Blinkist. Blinkist offers the best knowledge from nonfiction in powerful, memorable packs.


    Will share the full summary when I get home and run my extraction app to pull it from the DB on phone (an example of something I wanted to "fix").

    But pretty much as @DoubleMyBoat you need to have a lot of different ideas and let the subconscious do its thingm

    A duck also helps too, thats sorta how I just thought I'd my next project, my duck was just during a chat with a friend v about some tech work things
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    @billgates Thanks :)
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