Prestory and afterstory:
Today I have slept for around <2 hours and had to drive to my college.

The real shit happens right now.

During these almost 2 hours, I have dreamed about going back in time, but being limited on the same day's hours.
In other words... It was e.g. 16 o'clock and the time travelled back into the past. Like into a "0830 ish" morning. The day would then come to an end and start with the next day. For example from Monday to Tuesday.
I was able to look into the future whenever I wanted to.
Even though I was driving my car in the first gear, it would drive into the reverse direction.
Time suddently switches direction and everything is going as it should be. Greeting people in the streets as I would do normally.
And all of the sudden time decides to switch its direction again and I have to do things in reverse.
At some point I found something like a hidden room which had a door. I opened it and went into the "room" (it was a special place. It had no walls at all). It had a door at the other side of the room. I went through it and saw another one in the last room. It felt like, if I decide to go through that door, I would instantly die. I therefore moved all the doors back into the dream world.
Such a confusion gave me a fucking headache lol.

After waking up from such a fucking complicated dream, time irl felt fucking weird lmao.

My alarm began to do its job. It tried to wake me up at 6:30 am, at 6:45 am and at 6:50 am.
But all the time along it felt like it began to wake me up at 6:50 am down to 6:30 am.

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    Too little can become too much.. Get a gn sleep tn.
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    Butterfly effect? 😀
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    Too long, did read
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    @xewl I better make sure to do more things (taking a shower, sport, etc.) before going to bed.
    @netikras Seems like that butterfly effect did not last for too long :)
    @CaptainStone nice
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- oh, but don't forget blackouts! Especially the ones you do not know about. Remember the movie? You never know how much you don't know!
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    @netikras I wanted to watch the related movie a very long time ago, but it never happened.
    Gonna watch it someday. Maybe even today, if the movie is not too long.
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