The VPS where I host my owncloud instance has had its service tier upgraded since I spun it up. Opening a new one for the same price give you much better hardware stats now. Also, it's running Debian 8, which no longer gets updates from the owncloud repo. So yesterday I took this opportunity to make a new VPS, and try out nextcloud with it. I am floored. It is so much simpler for me. I'm not locked into whatever backend nextcloud chooses-- I have a choice.

Also, I can set up Apache to work however I want. I assume it'll work fine with nginx too.

Once it was installed and ready to go, I noticed I have much more granular and controlled access to my settings.

Happy camper!

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    What are the choices of backends available?
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    Not extensive or exhaustive, but nice to actually have a choice at all. Sqlite, Maria, and postgres. I opted for Maria.
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    @bahua oh cool, never used nextcloud/owncloud before, so wondered what it would be :)
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