You gotta love maintaining a self taught from udemy developer's code

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    Nothing to do with him being sel taught or from where, there are good devs coming from everywhere.
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    I don't trust people who have the time to decorate their comments like this
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    that has nothing to do with him being self taught. there were people with a master degree who don't know how to write even basic stuff. a senior developer of 7 years of experience asked a junior how to write a for loop in html code
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    @SukMikeHok for loop in html? You (well, your senior friend, to be exact) just made my day!
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    @arazzz yeah. he wanted to write a for loop using html. the only knowledge of programming for those 7 years he had was all just from college, Nothing from side, he never learned any coding by himself
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    Cringy, but if he self taught toss him a link to ES6 standard and tell him he needs to stick to it. If he's a good dev, he'll change for the better.
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    Hey y'all just wanna be clear. Do I hate the guy? No. Do I hate trying to understand his 10k+ lines of spaghetti? Absolutely.

    My problem is he wrote the entire backend for the system I now manage and it looks like he spent 5 minutes in udemy and then wrote the whole thing.

    No best practices. No refactorization. No cleaning up of useless code. Using depreciated functions. And reinventing the wheel about 3 times.

    It's frustrating since I don't have time to fix it.

    Edit: I'm self taught but I try to lean everything I can and keep up with the industry. This looks like he gave up learning when he could write code that ran without fatal errors.
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    (If you think it’s annoying on a PC, try it on a cellphone. 😄)
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    @SukMikeHok I mean 7 years concentrated experience is way more valuable than 7 years diverse experience. Maybe he wrote micro controllers in assembly and didn’t know a damn thing about html
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    @jeeper agreed.

    Not knowing html is "like" not knowing Chinese. It doesn't imply that said person isn't proficient in, say, English.

    Also, it doesn't imply that said person can't pick up html quickly.
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