A time I (almost) screamed at co-worker?
Too many times to keep up with.

Majority of time its code like ..
using (var connection = new SqlConnection(connectionString))
// data access code that does stuff
catch (Exception e)
// Various ways of dealing with the error such as ..
ShowMessage("An error occured.");
return false;
// or do nothing.

Range of excuses

- Users can't do anything about the error, so why do or show them anything?
- I'll fix the errors later
- Handling the errors were not in the end-user specification. If you want it, you'll have to perform a cost/benefit analysis, get the changes approved by the board in writing, placed in the project priority queue ...etc..etc
- I don't know.
- Users were tired of seeing database timeout errors, deadlocks, primary key violations, etc, so I fixed the problem.

On my tip of my tongue are rages of ..

"I'm going to trade you for a donkey, and shoot the donkey!"
"You are about as useful as a sack full of possum heads."

I haven't cast those stones (yet). I'll eventually run across my code that looks exactly like that.

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    Trade for donkey...then shoot donkey...?

    Awesome 😎
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