Today I was drinking coffee in McDonald's located in Poland. All people in restaurant were using smartphone even when they were not alone. A lot of people are leaving McDonald's still watching on smartphone screen without any care about surroundings and their safety. Only me and homeless guy sitting drunk in the corner wasn't looking at smartphone. It scares me how fast people achieved some kind of addiction to all this apps in smartphones :o

Few days ago I saw news that one teenager got lost during going back from school because he couldn't use smartphone to navigate with GPS xD

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    Its a plague. People who sit at tables together ignore each other for other people they hardly have a chance at getting to know. It amazes me at the length that our generation has changed the world. And i cant wait to see whats next.
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    I am glued to phone too. I have nothing else to do, when I'm not at work.
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    @skprog According to the latest news from scientists about the climate, probably the end of the human race. But not to worry, we'll kill most of the planet with us :D
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    Yer we all got a new electric organ with superpowers and became cyborgs.

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    Eh.... I'm kinda that type too? But if I told that I'm on my phone mostly because of devRant, and my long-distance girlfriend and my 68hr long music collection?
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    To be fair, I've never been able to navigate either, I have been using GPS since I got my Nokia 6410 Navigator.

    Just going to my friends house can sometimes require a map.

    And even after 5 years, I still get lost in my town.

    So before you all go ahead and bash people to not being able to navigate without help, just know that it's a known condition people can have.
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