I do not fully understand this.setState in reactjs with async functions, so I posted a question on SO,

I have accepted the given answer as it makes sense. but in reality the solution does not work, can anyone shed some light on it?

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    What exactly doesn't work?
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    @11000100111000 well, this.setState should update the state of the form, in this case, I'm clearing the form if (form.status === 200), but it is not quite working. You'll find code and more details in link.
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    @nothappy H! Checkout this way:

    Set an initial state "status" as null. Then in the function that calls the API, after the axios promise, call setstate to change the status like

    const res = await axios.post()

    this.setState({ status: res.status })

    Then Keep the success div inside a function component like

    If(this.state.status === 200){
    // Success component
    return </div>
    }else if (this.state.status === 400){
    // Failed component
    return <Fail/>
    }else {
    Since the status is null from when the component mounts, render nothing, so this else statement should return null

    So you can now add this function in your main form page as

    - it doesn't render anything when the component mounts

    - after the request, it changes the status from null to the actual status

    - after changing, the component gets the state change and reacts to it. Then it either renders the fail or success component.

    Good luck!
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    Sorry if I made any typo. I typed it in a rush
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    @leksyib yes, for showing success message I did something like this and for clearing rest of the form fields I did a patchwork (IMO), like this
    getElementByID("formid").reset(); on (form.status === 200).
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    @nothappy You really shouldn't be doing that in react. You don't manipulate the dom directly like that. React uses a virtual dom so every manipulation you're doing should be react-based
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    @leksyib yeah I know, but this.setState isn't updating the state
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    @nothappy can I see the repo you're doing this? I can raise a PR so you'll get what I'm talking about
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    @leksyib private project, sorry 😓
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    @nothappy setState is not an immediate operation
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    @leksyib okay I'll share repo give you le gitlab username
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    @nothappy sure! it's leksyib14
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    @nothappy seen the invite, what file?
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    @leksyib Contact.jsx
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    @nothappy okay I just raised a merge request
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    @leksyib I'll make a different branch and merge it
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