What are your thoughts on marijuana? Have you ever coded while being high?

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    Marijuana is baaaaaaad. 😤
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    Honestly it ain't something to make a big deal out of it. And no, when I code the only thing I consume is either water, tea or coffee
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    It causes :
    - Memory problems
    - Breathing problems
    - Anxiety,
    - Afraidness
    - Panick
    - Depression
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    Researchers have also found links between cannabis use and bipolar disorder.
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    Hm! For me the only thing i have done is drunk coding, Quite fun especially if your in a low key, game jam like ludum dare
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    I do it.

    Yes you can have paranoia and anxiety but they are side effects. You learn to recognize the feeling and you accept it then let it go and its not half as bad. I mean if you start thinking that “they are after you”, you ve done too much for sure. But it takes a lot of determination or inexperience to get there.

    Also weed can be either hybird, sativa or indica. People work differently with each. Unfortunately i dont live in a country where it is legal so i don't have the luxury to choose what i smoke. But if you,and if you find the right weed for you,then it can be helpful sometimes.

    Ex: when you hate your work and have that knot in your stomach, then a small smoke can release the tension and help you focus.

    If you consume too much it does have negative aspects. Except if your from europe. You probably started weed when you were 13 and your already fucked.
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    As a consumer, it's difficult to say if it's good for coding or not, it depends...
    E.g. after I studied/coded many hours and I get headache, weed helps me to carry on. But if I smoke before starting to study/code it's totally unproductive. I think it depends from person to person.

    For anxiety and paranoia and other psychological problems, it depends a lot on how much you do smoke, how often you do and the "power" of the weed itself and obviously it depends on you!
    If a person is prone to that kind of problems he/she has to be very careful (or not smoke at all).

    Ps: coded in asm once when I was high... Never again.
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    But marijuana makes you a threat to both yourself and others, you darn hippies
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    Everything in moderation is cool. You can code drunk but could you code wasted?

    There's levels, for me personally, smoked before exams, smoked every day before work at all my jobs (perm and contract), smoke while working from home, a handful of times have even smoked at work and yet to have anyone realise or question my work.

    In fact, most of my coding fuck ups occur when I'm sober lol.

    I don't know about the rest but for me, weed isn't some psychedelic drug but rather a tool I use to calm and/or focus me.

    Cool....on the flip side...underestimating your body or how much you've had can kidnap you into dreamland before you realise but that's about it, and for me that's super rare and when it's already crazy late.

    TL;DR If you can't function on weed, you're not doing it right.
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    @HampusMa do you drink alcoholic beverages?
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    @Prutser Nope. I dont do any of that shit.
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    @HampusMa good on you! But damn, there goes my chance of calling you a hypocrite:p
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    @Prutser I think every drug is bad. That goes from alcohol to heroin and everything in between. I would never do any of that shit. Its bad for you and everyone around you
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    Mary-Jane is awesome when you suffer from a heavy migraine attack and even Ibuprofen doesn't work. One spliff, pain goes away and sleeping is easy.
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    I use it for anxiety and depression, plus just to have a good time.

    If you’re good with what you get and you use it well, then there’s no real need for negative side effects.

    I’ve coded high before, but I can’t say I recommend the experience beyond a very very small dose, because otherwise you’re liable to just end up on a YouTube or Netflix binge.
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    @HampusMa well, too bad for your opinion that things aren't as black and white

    Everything has its up- and downsides, including drugs
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    It's funny. People say it makes them anxious and fatigued etc (more X and more Y) yet other people will say it helps with their X and with their Y. It definitely differs from person to person. And if you're affected negatively by it then that sucks bev
    As for coding, I have tried to - before coding - but that didn't work out but neither did alcohol so I'll stick to being sober/pinging from caffeine while coding 😂
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    Everything @hampusma said is true. Marijuana causes mental illness. I love the people who say "no it only brings out pre existing mental illness." Oh so you mean if someone never smoked it then that would stay dormant? Pothead logic.
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    @dangerzone hahaha missed the point much? It brings it out in people that already have it dormant but just because they don't smoke, doesn't mean it wouldn't come out.

    All kinds of things increase chance of mental illness and the reports for MJ and Mental illness is inconclusive at best.

    To blindly say that weed will give you mental illness when I know people who have been smoking for decades who are healthy as they were in their prime, is ignorant.

    Someone who doesn't smoke or doesn't deal with a wide variety of smokers, shouldn't spout baseless opinions because it makes them feel righteous :/.

    No, weed isnt 100% safe but its not 100% dangerous, its a gray area that is controlled by an individuals genetic makeup.
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    Yes, I consume a lot and personally theres nothing better than coding and getting high, thats my two biggest hobbies combined. For me it works great unless I am too stoned to even concentrate on anything lol

    @dangerzone its not "pothead logic", cannabis can be a psychedelic drug, thus the risk increases to trigger such conditions like PTSD if your family has been known to often have mental issues. Not all drugs are bad, you cant die from weed and youre not a threat to others, I don't get that point. I don't know anybody who gets aggressive when being high, yet most people drink alcohol and THEY are being a possible threat to many people. A week ago some drunk 18 year old died in my city because a train hit him, leaving a lot of people really shocked. Alcohol is more of an enemy than weed, I don't think either should be illegal
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    @CodeBane I smoked pot every single days for years. It made me paranoid to the point of believing other people could hear my thoughts.

    It also exacerbated social anxiety and other insecurities. We can play the anecdotal game all day.

    Literally every pothead I know is garbage. They have no incentive to improve their lives because getting high is an easy way of feeling good without actually accomplishing anything.

    In fact I'd also argue that marijuana is a means of avoiding dealing with your problems. Thats why I got high when I was a kid; to temporarily forget about being abused at home. It's like calling a method in your DepressionCure class that simply sleeps for an hour then returns void.
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    @dangerzone ++ for code reference lol.

    But uhh, well, I am that Pothead tbh. Smoke every day, before work, after work, before exams at University, before interviews, during work, when I'm studying, when I'm chilling, when I play games, when I design.

    I make more money than everyone I know, shit over most people skills at work, even to the point my previous manager, saw me at a leaving do and basically jumped in my lap to offer me a job. I use everything I've earned to help family/friends and to inspire those around me to do better.

    Yeah you had problems, but not everyone has that, or even a lot of people in the grand scheme. I have many many friends/family that smoke(d) for years, every day and have none of the issues you described.

    @Xaotic ++ "For me it works great unless I am too stoned to even concentrate on anything lol" Don't I know it xD
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    Ok so it seems that marijuana is like Windows. If you get a crash, then it's marijuana that sucks. If it were like Linux, then it would be the stupid user's fault.
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    @Fast-Nop Weed == Windows, Alcohol == Linux?
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    @CodeBane yeah that makes sense, also because if you drink a lot of alcohol and then smoke weed, you'll vomit. :-)
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    I'd say, it's good when you think about the code as in a big picture. But horrible for actual work.

    Like I had a problem where I found a race condition between two functions in some angular project. Couldn't figure out the cause. Then a bit later while entertaining guests, I got high, and wrote down a strategy to find the root cause. Then I tried to implement it and sort of spent an hour adjusting my theme and various settings... But once I sobered up, and read my notes, then implented them. Everything worked and the culprit identified.

    So basically, coding high: yeah no. Thinking about coding problems: yes.
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    Sometimes lighting up and relaxing will open your mind to solve a problem you had been working on for weeks.
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    High? No. Super drunk? Yes.
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    Even Elon Musk does it :)
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    Depending on the strain I've been very productive to not at all.. I avoid it during work hours, and if I know the effect of my current stash I act accordingly.

    I've been smoking for about 10yrs now. My boss knows I do it, but I'll never show up high at work, ever.

    Though, during a previous job I worked from home, there I was paranoid at times, but I also learned to cooperate and lessen my sorrow and mostly lessen and handle my stressfulness back then.

    It's a 2-way street. It can either go good, or bad. But there's crossings you'll be able to choose your way, though it takes time, effort and some knowledge of what you're doing.

    If you don't smoke, don't start though. And next to that I'd suggest to keep it outside of work hours if you want to use.
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    @HampusMa i agree. My friends that smoke when I am there are huge threats.

    They eat my food and laugh uncontrollably at every small thing while sitting on the couch without being able to do shit. And they sometimes ask dumb questions or stay quiet for large amounts of time.

    I despise it, its fucking dangerous.
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    @dangerzone nope, it’s actually true.

    The overstim of serotonin and other neurotransmitters are known to cause higher than normal communication and in particular cross-hemisphere communication.

    LSD is particularly known for this effect, as this additional networking and communication can give rise to schizophrenic tendencies becoming fully realised - largely because of the altered consciousness and dissolution of the ego.

    There’s literally never been any evidence of marijuana sending someone crazy, or indeed of anyone ever dying from an overdose... try that with pharmaceuticals.

    Part of the misinformation is that studies into marijuana are so hard to get approval for.

    But if I had to pick between an antidepressant or a spliff, I know which one I’m reaching for...
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    Let's settle this now. Some people will look down on you for smoke. Others won't care. Some people get paranoid. Some abuse it. Smoke if you wanna smoke drink if you wanna drink it's your life. It may help or it may hurt you. You never know unless you try. But whatever you do if you smoke make a note Burger King has 10 piece chicken nuggets for 1.49 so you can get a shit load for not very much money.
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    I think that in a free country, you should be able to put whatever you want into your own body. As long as you're not hurting anyone, go for it.
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    drugs are baad mkay...

    now shut up and choose your own poison (i'm looking at you, you coffee and tea addicts)

    But yeah, got high with a friend, made half a bottle of whiskey disappear and then coded a RasPi script which was getting data from I2C connected Arduino and transforming them into something a frontend could read.

    Worked flawlessly, but I had no idea how. Although the code was commented and i recall the feeling of "commenting the obvious" it didn't help much. Was like reading somebody elses code as I haven't recognized any of it.
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    @qwwerty I understand that feeling.
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    Nope, fuck smoking (I'm an ex smoker too badly).

    I'm not going to risk getting bad diseases for having a smoke sometimes.

    And for the people who say it isn't smoking: then are you fucking eating it or something? As long as you inhale smoke while doing it, it's pretty much smoking.
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