Someone here into 3d printing? Got into the hobby end of last year and built my own new printer this year. I love this hobby! So great to print custom housings for your build electronics.

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    You should check www.thingiverse.com, i get my files mostly from there but unfortunately its the only one I know with selection
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    I really want one but they are **really** expensive!

    I cant afford one!
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    @HampusMa look at the Creality Ender 3. You can get one for 150-200 Bucks. And it produces great results for the bucks!
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    @Gablern Thingiverse is great! I posted the printer also over there: https://thingiverse.com/thing:29054...

    There are some other platforms, too. But I like this one the most up to now.
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    Yeah I own 3 sprinters myself.
    Is this you own custom build?
    Or did you build the Hypercube from thingiverse?
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    @iKameo it is a custom build. Based on the Ultimaker I created every part from scratch. I posted a link to Thingiverse in another comment.
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    Yeah I got an ultimate 2 myself, looks kinda alike.
    How much did you spent on parts?
    Hotend, Extruder, raw material, etc?
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    3D Printer developer here!
    Nice printer. What firmware are you using?
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    @iKameo the bed and the hotend (e3d V6) were quite expensive. The extruder is a clone titan. I think all together it was not a cheap build :D Around 350€ maybe? (electronics used from old Anet A8 printer)

    @LuxARTS Thank you! I am using the Klipper Firmware. Was using Marlin before.
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