Hi devs! I am about to make some app for Fedora, but I'm kinda newbie. I know basics, but i wanna learn new stuff. Okay, straigth to the point: What would you recommend me to make and in what language?

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    Why not write it, in a way, it runs on every Distro?
    Or do you use something Fedora specific?
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    @metamourge Yeah sure, just wanted to specify distro i am going to work on :)
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    Python, c(++)
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    I have no experience here too but always seeing C++ so maybe that? If not then do Electron hahahaha
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    Pretty much everything in the repo is written in C++, you could go with that.
    Good luck managing all your dependencies and keeping up with all those different coding styles of different libraries, you're gonna need it.
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    @StefanGliga Thanks a lot :D but still don't know what app should i code.
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