I found an old project on which I hadn't version controlled, so I decided to manually commit progress on a past date. Only problem GitHub calendar wouldn't show it.

I emailed them and because it was private repo I added them as contributor. Then I got this reply.

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    What were you expecting? It's on their servers.
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    @irene True, Just the way they phrased it seem like they have a habit of snooping around.
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    @thekaleidoscope I don't see that.
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    That's like trying to send a friend request to Facebook staff when someone commented something racist on your post, because only your friends can see it...
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    @irene maybe I'm just paranoid a bit right now because I just realised Private repos aren't completely private in first place.
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    @thekaleidoscope dude, if you want completely private, host your own Git server (e.g. Gitlab).
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    @piehole now that I think about it, it would similar case for all git hosting including gitlab and bitbucket
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    @thekaleidoscope And the same applies to hosting your own git server instance in the cloud... E.g. Amazon could give access to the government if they had a warrant or something. Self-hosted, fully encrypted, that'd be probably the only safe solution, where the vector of an attack is reduced to vulnerabilities in the git server, or the underlying OS/encryption...
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    I'm probably going to delete this rant considering it was pretty stupid of me to assume otherwise would have been true.
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    @piehole absolutely, but tradeoff between cost and privacy is way too much and unless it's something worth that price, it wouldn't be practical.
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    @thekaleidoscope well. They are closed for outer world. Doesn't that mean they are private?

    Maintenance team having access to their own servers is just logical.
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    @thekaleidoscope and yes. You are paranoid. Word "privacy" had been distorted greatly in the last years.
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    @irene agreed, it was poor assumption on my part.
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    Wtb encrypted repos
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    @thekaleidoscope Surprise surprise!
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    Lol the moment you realise GitHub owns GitHub
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    @JKyll lol 😂 I love the picture
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    @irene 4chan/g

    I get most of my shtick from there, had 16GB of dankness until I was mugged and my phone taken away :(
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    @JKyll Doesn't Microsoft own GitHub now?
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    @janDo not yet.
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    @janDo yep...oh shieet
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