there are probably a lot of console enthusiasts here, but i discovered that i can actually access my raspberry pi with RDP via xrdp. While limited in actual use it makes some stuff a lot easier for me and i did not knew this before yesterday.

I am actually astonished that microsoft has a native tool that can in any sense communicate with non-windows stuff. how unusual. Although the work is probably not on kleinweichs side.

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    what about SSH?
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    @irene while the usual solution, especially directory stuff is easier graphically solved, and yes, of course, ssh works great most of the time, especially cause i can access it with my phone. But still, some corner use cases makes using a graphical remote interfaces advantagious
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    Ahh yeah. I've done that before but now i use the lite OS version without GUI because remoting into it was super slow and very laggy for me.
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    @MrCSharp i currently have a rapi 3 b+ at home which has nginx with a nextcloud and a quassel-core running and even there its acceptable.

    at work i am currently toying around with an unloaded Pi 3b+ which sits on my desk and its astonishly fast, even browsing with firefox works great---ish. Although i am surprised of the web performance of the 3b+ in general.
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    @BurnoutDV that's good. I'll give it another go later but for now I'll blame my old router. So hopefully the new one i got does a better job.
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