Last week I got a call I thought it was a screen interview, but turned to be a technical interview for a job I probably applied for back in 2015.

Today, I got a call for face to face HR interview next week which is going to be in the middle of the day and the company is about 1 hour away from my home/work.

Right now, I am feeling good at my current company. Nice salary, only me and manager but we are hiring, and its close from home.

The other company, is a bigger company, salary is unknown, and working hours are less but if you count driving hours it will be much longer! And work will be related with SharePoint “0 Experience” and Web Developments.

PS: Both companies aren’t tech companies!

Even tho I am happy here, I have this thing inside me that asks me to change jobs and challenge myself learning about new technologies “Or technologies I have never worked with”!

However, If keep doing this I won’t settle and If I find myself stuck at a job I hate and try to move to other companies, they won’t hire me because I keep moving!

I hate overthinking these stuff,
and just need to get it off my shoulders!

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    The smaller the organization, the more valued you are. Larger companies will offer larger salaries, but you're more expendable. If you like where you're at, why risk it?
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