How about adding a downvote category for wrong category? It could work something like:
- Hit downvote
- Select "Wrong category"
- Choose which of the main tags are misused
- Once you have over 100,000++ of cumulative downvotes on a particular tag (with a minimum of three people to stop the big guns going autonomous) that category gets permanently removed from the post

Example of cumulative downvotes:
- Downvotes from 100 users each with 1,000++
- Downvotes from 10 users each with 10,000++
- Downvotes from 3 users each with 33,334++
But not:
- Downvotes from 2 users each with 50,000++


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    I don't understand tbh.

    why isn't it just a -- for a wrong category and when it reaches a certain amount of -- it automatically gets assigned that category, especially that only one voting allowed per rant, but again what if the user likes the content? Its just the wrong tag, this isn't fair tbh
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    @gitpush So I was just thinking that each person's downvote would only count as 1 --, but that you'd need a minimum ++ from the downvoters to prevent, say, three bot/troll users from having the ability to remove tags.

    Good point about if you like the post but wrong tag. Maybe you can simultaneously downvote and upvote, and once the bad tag has been stripped (or voluntarily removed by the poster), the -- related to Wrong Category get removed?
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    @joycestick sounds reasonable to be removed when tag is fixed
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    Wouldn't 100000 ++ of downvotes be 100000 -- ?
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    @host127001 Sorry, I don't think I was very clear.

    What I mean is that if a 20k++ user downvotes the use of the 'rant' tag, then the post receives one -- (so assuming no ++ votes on the post it will have a score of -1), but behind the scenes it tracks that the 'rant' tag has received 20k votes for removal, let's call that a 'rant misuse' score.

    When another user with 30k++ user downvotes the use of the 'rant' tag, then post gets an additional -- (so now has a score of -2), and the behind the scenes 'rant misuse' score goes up to 50k.

    Now a 60k++ user downvotes it, so the post has a score of -3, and the behind the scenes 'rant misuse' score of 110k.

    Now the 'rant misuse' score exceeds 100k (and has at least three people voting for it), so the rant tag is removed from the post and the post score resets to 0.
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    @joycestick so ++ gets reset when a category changes? What happens to the comments on the post, do they get their ++s reset?

    I dont agree that 'wrong category' should give a person --'s unless it happens frequently.

    I always felt that this site was a lot more flexible for things like that since we're mostly just posting the bullshit that hits us during a day and just building a community of like-minded rage-filled individuals lol

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    @CodeBane Totally agree about not turning it into SO, hence the -- getting reverted, but they act as a temporary reminder to categorise things properly.

    The idea just comes from a few rumblings, and my own slight annoyance, that even with the filters on you get flooded with people reposting 'memes' under the rant tag. As devRant is getting more and more popular (which is great), the problem is going to get worse.

    It's definitely difficult getting the balance right between not being overly condemning, and then making sure the platform doesn't descend into noise.

    I imagine @trogus and @dfox are thinking similar thoughts at the moment, so would probably appreciate suggestions from users. Keep the comments coming below!
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    @joycestick Yeah, I know, I totally agree. This site especially is weird because its a lot more free than others in what you can post but that doesn't mean we should open the door to disorder and chaos.

    I think the -- category vote should be independent of the ++/-- i.e. wrong category doesn't downvote a post but rather just the background scoring.

    However, there also needs to be some check for people who decide that if the community is policing things then they will just put stuff up with whatever category. For repeat offenders, over a period of time, or some scoring/algorithm/magic, they can be punished (3 strike system? maybe 2 strikes cos we're devRanters and dont have that much patience to begin with :p). Maybe remove posting/comments/voting privileges or something for a period.
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    @CodeBane Good point that it might drive behaviour for people to assume others will categorise their posts for them. I'll have a think about some kind of incentive system for people to edit their own tags later. Do you have any ideas?
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    This. Please.
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    This isn't StackOverflow.
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    So what if I downvote it... nothing above 100K? 😥
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    @Root Did you see the discussion above?
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    I like this idea. And I have always been for this to happen.
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    @joycestick I dont think there needs to be an incentive. Correctly categorising is some shit you should do anyway, you shouldn't get rewarded for it but you should be penalised for not doing. Otherwise we get into this whole superiority complex that people get online.

    Give the community the tools to help and the community will deal with the problems itself. Just need some guidelines on what is actually considered examples of incorrect tagging and some people to review reports.

    I'm not sure for everyone else, but i feel the majority of peoples tags are relevant, its just a few that mess it up for whatever reason. #Don'tBanDrunkRanters xD
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