This is a great way to waste some time lol. https://devrant.com/collabs/...

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    I thought covfefe was doggo speak.
    But yes every being is a type of a doggo. Devs are click clack computer doggos 😮.
    Anyway this project is really cool!
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    @ceee Covfefe is Trumpish. I'm not sure why they included it, but I found it funny. 42 is from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which is totally geeky (love it)
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    @Stebner55 yes I am aware about Trump thing and the special 42 number.
    But covfefe is used in doggo lang too after it was invented by trump 🤣.
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    is not
    <> or !=

    idk, but I think that should be translated like that
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