Its hidden skill time.

At work, as a method of concentration I write code while singing gangnam style or some other similar song.

Perfectly and with no discernable accent even though i am Mexican American.

I also do it with Stromae songs(because I love french, not as much his music)

This is something that I learned in Portuguese class at hs :V which eventually led me to be able to survive conversations with my friends from Brazil without getting lost.

Languages are cool, just wish I was able to properly speak more. I love languages, but just stick to English and Spanish since those are the only ones that I speak fluently.

Wife speaks french, and she has tried teaching me even though I really can't get the hang of it just yet. Instead she showed me how to read it.

German and Japanese are on the list as well.

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    Fuck man I just wanna get through English first 😂😂😂

    I (should) know just about as much as about Spanish grammar as I do English (forgot most of it since I last had a Spanish class).
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    @Stuxnet in my case its simple since I lived a good portion of my life in Monterrey City in Mexico. So i got the language down. English just makes sense since it is my native. But maaaaaan i wanna know more. Expand myself into different countries if I ever want to live somewhere else or work somewhere else etc.
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    I love languages, even almost became a translator, and there are so many similarities between programming languages and natural languages.
    Side note: I work in my third language (Dutch) atm, I code in English and only occasionally still use my native language (German) at all
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    @CoffeeNcode that is super cool!! Which one is your native language if you don't mind me asking? I have heard that Dutch is really complex!
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    @AleCx04 I'm German :) Dutch and German are very closely related, and in comparison, the Dutch grammar is actually simpler than the German one. So it wasn't that hard for me to learn it. I'm living in NL for about 2 years now, and I keep getting compliments about my dutch proficiency, so I'm guessing I'm doing alright ;)
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    @CoffeeNcode like a bauss!! That is so cool
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